Ethics & Sustainability 

sight bags are 100% free of animal by-product. That means no silk, no fur, no wool, no down feathers, no leather! We use a variety of fabrics including coated canvases, nylons, eco-polyurethane, ultra-leather, ultra-suede and up-cycled polyester for linings. 

We do not use any PVC which is harmful to the environment. We are continuously trying to improve our material quality by working with our suppliers to find the most environmental-friendly materials. All of our hardware is lead and nickel free. 

All of sight's laptop bags are a refined result of delicate detailing for months, careful creation and marvelous craftsmanship by skilled artisans. Every handbag is designed with style, functionality, and comfort in mind. With artisans' expertise and hard work, our handbags achieve the perfect look and designer quality.